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Active Ingredient: Clindamycin

Cleocin has bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity depending on concentration of drug, infectious process and condition of an organism of the patient. Active against aerobic and anaerobic streptococcus (except for enterococci), the majority of staphylococcus except for methicillin-resistant strains, bacteroids except for Bacteroides melaninogenicus, spindle-shaped bacteria

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Other names of Cleocin: Clidamacin Cliz Clinmas Turimycin Eficline Clinidac Clindacyn Clintopic Clinfol Klimicin Fouch Lexis Climadan Clindamicin Clinium Naxoclinda Clindamicina Benzolac cl Zindaclin Lanacine Zumatic Bexon Biodasin Clinda-derm Clinwas Clinaram Torgyn Myclin Medacin Klinoksin Zindacline Klitopsin Cleorobe Acnestop Klindacin Dacin Clindamax Clindess Velkaderm Botamycin-n Clinda-ipp Derma Clindesse Clamine-t Clindabeta Dalagis t Clindamycine Comdasin Evoclin Clindaval Clindagel Anerocid Dermabel Lindan Clindacutin Veldom Trexen Lindacyn Klamoxyl Clintabs Luoqing Clindoral Clin-sanorania Niladacin Clindox Aniclindan Klindaver Borophen Clinacin Clindamek Lindasol Handaramin Opiclam Klindan Sotomycin Clidacin-t Sobelin Clidets Clindal Damiciclin Climadan acne Klindagol Clidacin Clinbercin Clinex Prolic Clindanil Clindabuc Klindamicin Dalacine Arfarel Aknet Clinacnyl Lisiken Toliken Antirobe Z-clindacin Bioclindax Clindalind Dalacin Clinda mip Jutaclin Upderm Tidact Ethidan Damiclin Clindets Clinimycin Panancocin s Meneklin Rosil Permycin Biodaclin Clindasome Clinsol Clindacin Candid-cl Milorin Nufaclind Ziana Clinda-t Cliofar Clindacne Clinamicina Daclin Clindastad Clindexcin Midocin Damicine Clindahexal Cutaclin Clinda Clindasol Clinda-saar Clindana Lindacil
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Drug Uses

Cleocin is a semi-synthetic antibiotic of the group of lincosamides. This antibiotic has a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial activity and is effective against aerobic gram-positive bacteria and anaerobic bacteria.

Cleocin inhibits protein synthesis in bacterial cells, thus rendering bacteriostatic and bacteriological effect. Cleocin antibiotic is prescribed for pediatric and adult patients for the treatment of:

  • respiratory tract infections
  • intra-abdominal infections
  • skin and soft tissue infections
  • female genital tract infections
  • chronic bone and joint infections

While treating a bacterial infection, the dosage regimen and duration of antibiotic therapy are determined individually given the disease severity, the patient's condition and the sensitivity of microorganisms to Cleocin.

The recommended dose of Cleocin for adults and adolescents aged 16 and older is 150 mg every six hours. During severe infections, range of the single doses of Cleocin varies between 300mg and 450 mg.

The pediatric Cleocin dose is determined depending on the child’s body weight. For the treatment of severe infections, the daily dose is prescribed according to 8 to 16 mg of Cleocin per kg of child’s body weight. If necessary, the daily dose can be increased up to 20 mg.

Missed dose

It is recommended to take Cleocin at regular intervals. If you forget to take your antibiotic at time, immediately take the next dose of Cleocin. If it is time for the next intake of capsule, skip the missed dose of Cleocin and continue your regular dosing schedule.

More Information

Dose adjustment of Cleocin is not required in patients with impaired liver and kidney function. During prolonged antibiotic therapy or irregular intake of Cleocin, some patients may develop bacterial resistance to the antibiotic and superinfection. If superinfection symptoms occur, the treatment regimen of bacterial infection can be required to be changed.

Cleocin is not recommended for the treatment of meningitis, since this antibiotic poorly penetrates into cerebrospinal fluid. The patients with a history of gastrointestinal disease should take Cleocin with caution.


It is recommended to store Cleocin in a warm dry and safe place, out of the sight of children, at temperature from 20°C to 30°C. Cleocin antibiotic must be protected from freezing and direct light.


Cleocin may cause severe skin reactions (including toxic epidermal necrolysis) in some patients. In such cases, antibacterial treatment with Cleocin should be permanently discontinued. Long-term and irregular intake of Cleocin antibiotic may promote a change of normal flora of the intestine and severe diarrhea.


Information about the bacterial infection treatment published in Cleocin review is provided for familiarization purposes and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice of an infectious disease specialist. The online pharmacy will not be held responsible for losses, damages and consequences of any kind incurred as a result of misuse of the information about Cleocin antibiotic agent.

The most common and most severe undesirable effect of Cleocin is diarrhoea. If Cleocin causes severe diarrhea, a risk of antibiotic-associated colitis increases. Other undesirable effects that may occur when using Cleocin broad-spectrum antibiotic are: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, reduction of liver functions, pseudoallergy, oesophagitis, vaginitis, urticaria, rash, erythema multiforme, and pruritus. Less often Cleocin may cause parageusia, eosinophilia, local irritation, pain and abscess. These rarely undesirab,le effects occur in less than 1% of patients.